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ARRIS M680 Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter RTF W/NAZA-M V2(Assembled)

ARRIS M680 Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter RTF W/NAZA-M V2(Assembled)
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ARRIS M680 is a high-performance heavy lift 6-rotor aircraft specially designed for professional aerial workers, it is built from light weight yet super rigid carbon fiber material which offers a great combination of weight saving and strength. The foldable structure turns this ARRIS M680 into a small and easy to carry machine, unlike many other foldable multicopters, we use super rigid foldable clamp holder which could effectively prevent it becoming fragile after several times repeated enfoldment. Moreover, the ARRIS M680 also comes with a long landing skid so that the flyers can use a camera gimbal of their choices for photography, such as ARRIS CM2000, CM3000 and even ARRIS ZHAOYUN. ARRIS M680 offers a great 15 minutes of flight time on a single 5200mah battery and at least 10 minutes with ARRIS ZHAOYUN on it. It is, for sure the perfect platform for flyers now, with its great strength, super stability, easier carrying, storage it must be the number one choice for aerial photography!

2.0mm 3K Carbon Fiber Frame
Lightweight frame design but high strength
Foldable Design
Extremely high stability
Perfectly compatible with ARRIS CM2000, CM3000 and ARRIS ZHAOYUN Brushless Gimbal
Shaft distance: 680mm
FLying time: 12minutes (W/ARRIS ZHAOYUN ON)
No-load flying time: about 15 minutes (5200mah/6S battery)
Weight: 1.9kg (include motor, esc and flight controller)
Battery: Recommend 6S 22.2v 5000-10000mah battery

The main frame of ARRIS M680 adopts full carbon fiber materials. The main frame adopts the 2.0mm 14 layers full carbon fiber plate with 3K carbon fiber cloth on the surface. The motor arm and landing skid adopts the 14x16mm carbon fiber tube.

There are many so-called carbon fiber materials in the market. For this material, it covers with 3K carbon fiber cloth, but inside the material is glass fiber. The cost of this material is only half of the full carbon fiber one. You can recognize it from the cross section of the material. For full carbon fiber material, you can see obvious layer texture from the cross section. For glass fiber material, you could not see it.


DJI NAZA-M V2 Multi-rotor Flight Controller
The Naza M V2 has automatic course deviation compensation, this reduces the effects of magnetic disturbance and interference around the compass, there is a warning on detection of magnetic disturbance. The IMU advanced calibration; error identification and warning reduce the impact of sensor errors in flight so increasing the overall performance.

When you install the GPS(optional), pay attention to the direction of the arrow, it should point to the front of the craft. And the arrow of the Naza should point to the front of the craft too.

13x65 Carbon Fiber Propeller
ARRIS 4010 380KV Brushless Motor

Under the lower plate, we pre-installed the 330mmx10mm rod for installing gimbals. It is compatible with ARRIS CM2000, ARRIS CM3000, Tarot 2 Axis GoPro Gimbal, ARRIS Zhao Yun and some other gimbals. Therefore, it will be easy to install the gimbal to ARRIS 680.

ARRIS M680 adopts the sliding rail folding method. With this folding method, the ARRIS M680 is easy to carry, and at the same time, it ensures the maximum structure strength.

In order to pack the multicoper conveniently, we will take the propeller off. But we will mark the number on propeller and the motor arm, when you receive it, just install the propeller to the same number motor arm.


The comparison of Arris M680 and Tarot 680

Package Includes:
1 x ARRIS M680 Hexa-copter Frame (Assembled)
6 x Hobbywing 2-6S Platinum-30A-Pro ESC
6 x 13x65 Carbon Fiber Propeller (3 pairs)
6 x ARRIS 4010 380KV Brushless Motor
1 x DJI NAZA-M V2 Flight Controller

1 x Transmitter (Optional: DEVO7,DEVO8S, DEVO10 or FUTABA T8FG)

1 x Receiver

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