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Walkera V120D02S Mini 3D RC Helicopter(6-Axis Gyro) W/DEVO8S TX

Walkera V120D02S Mini 3D RC Helicopter(6-Axis Gyro) W/DEVO8S TX
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Price: $329.00

Spare Parts for V120D02S


1). NEW V120D02S with NEW 6-Axis gyro control system ensures more stable flight performance !
2). Telemetry of Temperature and voltage become available when working with DEVO-8S/10/12S.
3). The users of NEW V120D02S can upgrade the receiver online,never again to worry about the new version of the receiverís program!
4). outrunner brushless motor ensures the safety of power and offers smart control feeling. 
5). The useage of WK-02-1 servos provide higher torque,swifter speed,and easy to maintenance.
6). besides the shaft driven feature of high efficiency, the square-shaped carbon fiber tail boom ,not only fixed the horizontal angle but also leave perfect space for the shaft driven structure.
7). It offers 8-9 minutes flight time with the stock 600mah battery after fully charged.

1). Main Rotor Diameter: 308 mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter: 85 mm
3). Overall Length: 290 mm
4). Weight: 100g 
5). Gyro: 6-axis
6). Battery: 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po
7). ESC: WK-WST-20A-L 
8). Brushless Motor: WK-WS-15-001
9). Receiver: RX-2636H-D
11).Transmitter:Selectable Test Flight Video

Simple and durable FBL rotor head

Main blades 
Using unique compound material technology,increase the toughness 100%.light weight promoted the performance a lot;bright and shinny surface,Applying for the silk screen printing artwork on the surface,make the font and graphic more vividly.

PVC film vacuum-Thermoform artwork in production makes a tenacious canopy with even surface and streamline outlook. Red and white color alternated with black color, makes it a pleasant looking. Although itís very in size, itís tough and with good anticrash ability


micro 3g servo ,have been applying in WALKERA classic helicopter like 4G3,4G6, and flybarless 120 size series models, wide applicability,good quality,stable performance, smart body with prompt response, big torque,the maintenance is simple and convinience.

upgrade new main gear and small gear set from larger the tooth,Applying for new intergrating engineering plastic is to reduce the friction,to further strenthen the resistence,which greatly improved its durability.

New 12000KV Out-Runner Brushless Motor
upgrade from inner brushless motor to the outrunner brushless motor(WK-WS-15-001)12000KV, the weight is barely over 8.8g, makes the speed much higher and light weight, loading tempreature is quite lower ensure a excellent performance.The strong power provide the profesional Hurricanes,loops,funnels,rolls and inverted flight performaned with great enthusiatic.

High efficiency shaft driven, strengthen main gear, reduce the friction, greatly improve its durability

Shaft driven

besides the shaft driven feature of high efficiency, the square-shaped carbon fiber tail boom ,not only fixed the horizontal angle but also leave perfect space for the shaft driven structure, manifested the design equisition

Skid landing
Adopting the newest engineering plastic material,promoted the skid landing elasticality ,strenthened its durability .Intergrated battery holder and skid landing mold artwork give good consideration to skids intensity,space,and balance.slightly leaning forward stabilizer is in pleasure of sense stable.

brand new hardened body, carbon fiber tail stablizer, plus delicate processing and metalic joints ,showed the V120D02S professional 3D helicopter.

Walkera Devention DEVO8S 6CH Radio Set(LCD Series)


The Built-in Telemetry helps to inspect fast Model data.
You can enjoy your flight without any doubt about the safty problem as the built-in telemetry feature gives you swift and real-time feadback of the model data. The data fast help you learn the Battery Voltage. Temperature, RPM and GPS information that can prevent crashes and monitor the model flying status. You just need to slightly touch the screen, the telemetry data would be easily found. You can also have the DEVO 8S alert with a beep audio whenever any telemetry values exceed the fefined limits.


Package includes:
1.Walkera New V120D02S helicopter RTF 
2.3.7V 600mAh Li-Po Battery
3.Transmitter: DEVO8S
4.Adjustment Tool
5.Instruction Manual (In a CD-ROM)
6.1 pair Main Blade
7.1 set of Extra Gears

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